On Trader

The evolution of the spirits world is similar to that of wine and coffee over the past couple of decades, with increasing consumer knowledge linked to the trend towards authenticity and provenance.

Consumers are looking for new ways to be presented drinks, taking pride in being able to share and show off new experiences when they’re out. They often view their favourite brands as extensions of their personalities. With more awareness and understanding of spirits, what was once considered premium has now become mainstream, and consumers are continually pushing for new experiences and discoveries. It has never been more important to assess your spirits range and be sure you’ve kept pace with the changes, as this is what leads your drinkers to spend more and trade up to better quality drinks.

Cocktail Essentials

Whether classic, contemporary or completely original and unique, cocktails and premium mixed drinks remain on the rise and the cocktail market is now worth half a billion pounds in the UK.


Gin is extremely popular, offering consumers endless combinations of botanical flavours to explore and discover.

Describe the flavour of your gins on a menu:
Most gin drinkers seek information on flavour and ingredients before choosing what to have.

Garnish your gins creatively:
Why not try freeze-dried citrus slices, fresh fruits, fresh herbs or petals, juniper berries, cucumber or even peppercorns.

Serve your gins in interesting glassware:
The classic option is a tall Collins or Hi-Ball, but large balloon glasses, cut glass tumblers or large wine glasses are also great options.


Liqueurs are having a renaissance in the UK, with off-trade popularity soaring, creating opportunity for on-trade sales. A liqueur is a sweetened, distilled spirit which has been flavoured with fruit, herbs, spices, flowers, nuts or any sort of other flavouring. They are incredibly versatile and add another dimension to your spirits range.

Rum & Cachaca

It’s a good idea to stock one of each main rum style, but you can go to town with some of the older or more premium styles of rum which are as exciting to explore and sip as any whisky.


Tequila is a plant-based spirit made from the heart of the blue Agave plant. When the plants are harvested by Jimadors, and when the leaves are removed, the heart is ready for roasting to make the Tequila.

Whiskey & Scotch

With premium spirits being more important than ever before, a great malt whisky selection can really differentiate your offer from the competition. Choosing a varied and interesting whisky range can be tricky, especially as flavours can range from peaty, smoky, malty, fruity, honeyed, nutty or woody. Use our range guide to help make your selection. Don’t forget to help your customers with their choices too – why not create a malt whisky board or menu using our descriptions?