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Of course we know a huge amount about wine and spirts and we base everything we do on relevant category and consumer insights. However, it's our experience of supporting the On-Trade and talking to our customers that means we are best placed to offer straight talking expertise powered by passion, relevance and good old-fashioned logic.

Fortified Wines

The technique of fortification really came about during the Age of Exploration, when voyagers would strengthen their wines in order to withstand long ocean voyages (hence why many fortified wines today tend to be quite ageable). Fortifying a wine means adding grape spirit to the blend. If the spirit is added before the wine has finished fermenting, the result is a sweet wine like Port. If the spirit is added after fermentation is complete, the result is a dry wine like a Manzanilla Sherry. Wines can also be sweetened later on, like Cream Sherries.