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Ranging Your Bar

Range your Ale line-up based on both time of week and type of occasion throughout the week. If you have a big business crowd during the week be sure to range low ABV for instance.

Do not try to do too much, over ranging is the biggest cause of poor quality so range within your means.

Lager drinkers want to see opportunity to premiumise and treat themselves. Tie in World Lager offers to big celebrations or  party occasions.

Offer your customer the opportunity to premiumise within Lager whilst not making the RSP jump too big.

Use Contemporary Keg as a stepping stone between Smooth & Craft. The new Contemporary Keg category can allow Smooth Keg drinkers to potentially premiumise whilst also offering a lower RSP option for drinkers open to Craft Beer.

Utilise Mediterranean Lagers as your go to World Lager – they are considered both Super Premium & accessible and are the biggest growth market in Lager