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“Tell It Like It Is”

The home of fresh cask ale. Banks’s cask ale is the freshest pint in the Midlands, brewed using only natural, local ingredients. A taste enjoyed across the whole country – straight from the Black Country.


“March To Your Own Drum”

Bombardier draws on over 140 years of brewing excellence and using only the finest ingredients and fresh mineral water to ensure we always create the perfect pint. We make beer for people who don’t care about the latest fad or fashion who just want a consistently good pint every time. So fill your glass or raise a bottle, take a taste and start your own march.


Brakspear beers have been brewed in Oxfordshire since 1779 using the original 'Henley' copper, Victorian square fermenters and the renowned 'Double Drop' fermenting system


Courage has a rich family brewing history with over 220 years of brewing credentials. Rapidly gained a reputation for food quality beer. We use our own accredited natural mineral water from our own well and a classic single-strain British yeast from the original Courage Brewery in Horseleydown, London.


"Take A Different View"

The eagle has been associated with the town of Bedford for centuries, but you will notice there's a difference in the way the Eagle Brewery represents its bird, it looks to the left. Representing the company's unique point of view. To this day, Eagle Brewery embraces different perspectives. It means that while others may move cautiously, they soar fearlessly. Like the eagle that looks over the brewery.


'"A Jewel In The Lake District Crown"

Jennings Brewery was originally established as a true family concern back in 1828, in the village of Lorton. The company moved to its current location in 1874, in the historic town of Cockermouth. Jennings regards itself as a traditional brewer, traditional in a number of different ways. Pure Lakeland water is still used for brewing, drawn from the brewery's own well.


"The Home Of Really Good Ale"

For over 175 years, Marston's has been brewing the same way. We've spent literally decades making sure that every single pint of every single one of our ales, is perfect..


McEwan’s was founded in Edinburgh in 1856 by William McEwan, and ever since has been supplying great tasting ale to the world. We have award-winning, market-leading, seriously flavoursome ales within our range that are loved by consumers up and down the country.


'"Visit The Winding Downs"

We take two things seriously here at Ringwood Brewery; our ales and leisure time. Along with creating quality craft ales, we are relaxation enthusiasts. Our motto is to ‘Visit the Winding Downs’, a place to enjoy some quality time with friends - so kick back and open a bottle of Ringwood!


With a brewing heritage that stretches back over 200 years, Thwaites continues to create beatifully balanced, delicious beers within their craft brewery, located in Blackburn, Lancashire.


'"Peak Performer"

This uniquely refreshing session beer, packed with flavour, has picked up awards from our peers and rave reviews from our customers ever since it was launched. And now, with a dynamic new design and renewed ambition, it will climb to even headier heights.


'"Brewers Of Character"

Home of the legendary Hobgoblin, the Wychwood Brewery is tucked away behind the main street of the market town of Witney, in the heart of the Oxfordshire Cotswolds. Witney is historically famous for its 3 Bs; its bread, its blankets and its beer. Brewing has taken place in Witney for centuries.


Not all beers are equal… Young’s beers set the standard!
We only use four natural ingredients and we don’t use any artificial colours (unlike some beers!).
We know what we’re doing when it comes to great beer! Young’s beers share the heritage of over 186 years brewing expertise and are available in some of the best pubs in the country!